Zero from Dalla Corte has now landed in Malaysia

We are so excited to share with you Zero from Dalla Corte is now made available in Malaysia! Zero is their latest new professional coffee machine with a combination of advanced technology and futuristic design. 

Zero is a new beginning for the whole coffee industry. Zero as the break of dawn, Zero as a shape, a precise circle that recalls the machines design and also a perfectly round cup of coffee. 


Designed by Emo Design Studio, the new Zero coffee machine holds the very best technological solutions from Dalla Corte and introduces baristas into a “no limits” dimension to express themselves at their best. A machine with a strong personality and an eye-catching design, that highlights Dalla Corte’s technological innovations and the barista’s work, allowing him to take centre stage.

Zero is equipped with the multiboiler technology (the original, now in a 0.75 lt group), the cool touch steam wand and the optional 58mm filter kit. The new digital touchscreens have a user-friendly interface, designed by baristas for baristas: all functions are easily accessible with just a few touches, the most important settings are always visible on screen. Strong point of the latest Dalla Corte machines, the Digital Flow Regulation, is an absolute main character also on the Zero at the booth: there will be two major flow control modes. With the Fixed Water Flow the flow rate is adjustable (g/s) directly on the touchscreen, to have a fixed flow throughout the entire extraction; every single group can have a different flow rate (from 4 g/s to 10 g/s). With the Freestyle Water Flow, each lever on Zero is provided with 4 steps, every step is pre-set with a specific flow rate (4-6-8-10 g/s). Freestyle your extraction and enjoy the manual flow profiling.


Available now at global coffee resources