Leaders in Coffee Roasting

As one of the few coffee roaster who also owns our own coffee farms, we provide contract roasting to our customer with a minimum order.


Our roastery offers contract roasting for both private label and for corporate accounts. We have the ability to customise our coffee beans from commercial to a specialty coffee for your business.


We also understand the importance of creating and establishing a coffee brand, and therefore offer a plain packaging that enables private labelling.

What We Do

Direct Trading

As coffee producers, we take pride in providing high quality Abarica coffee and to continuously grow with our fellow producers from all around the world! This means, we are able to propose coffee blends that caters to your and your customer need.


Direct trading ensures that we give back to our fellow coffee producers. So let us grow our businesses together! from farm to cup.

Coffee Cupping

Each batch of freshly roasted coffee beans are examined through cupping, a coffee tasting technique that requires a skill taster to evaluate from the aroma of the coffee to its flavour profile. Our official coffee taster is able to not only taste coffee but to evaluate defective coffee and create coffee blends. In order to so, one must taste coffee from around the world. That is a lot of coffee tasting!


Add your brand and start selling

We have the connections, we have the certifications, we have the sizes! We are offering sizes of 1kg, 500gram, 200gram, and even in 15gram sachets!


If all this sounds exciting for you, please allow us to know you better. Do fill in the forms below and we will be in touch with you ASAP!

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