Our best 5 Iftar places with family in 2022

Iftar is a time where families come together, to celebrate, honour and appreciate each other. Who is to say that non Muslims can't enjoy this holy month too? Here's a list of some of our favourite Iftar offerings of 2022 and we want to share them with you! 

1. Brickhouse 

Brickhouse has gain its popularity with events in the past years. This year's Iftar Buffet is no different. They are offering scrumptious food that caters to your family's cravings. 

For enquiries or reservations contact 012-7707126. Do note that they need at least 3 days in advance booking! 

2. Serai 


Serai is casual fine-dining with an East-meets-West fusion of food - the perfect ambience for family gatherings. Through their warm and welcoming interiors, their food warms our soul with home-grown flavours, home-made cakes, how can things go wrong? This Iftar, enjoy a myriad of local favourites in one single delectable set that's perfect for sharing available at Serai outlet. Visit their facebook page for more info


3. Mary Jane Cafe

Known as one of the most instragrammable cafe in town, Mary Jane Cafe is both a restaurant and a bar. Their restaurant section offers a range of delicious food that is pork-free. This Iftar, they are offering a mix and match from their seasonal menu ranging from Gosht Lamb Rack, Ayam Dara, Nasi Goreng Ulam and more for a satisfying iftar meal! For reservation, WhatsApp at 018-216 0968


4. Jibby by the Park 

This eatery is home to the community of Desa Park City. Famous for its green interior and delicious brunch style meals, Jibby by the Park now offers Iftar this year. Contact them here for more information


5. The Brew Crew


The Brew Crew originates from Sarawak bringing you an icy cold brew to a warm cuppa. This Ramadan, The Brew Crew introduces four beverages for Sahur, the perfect pick me up beverage. To shop your own coffee, shop here.