Latte Art and Social Media

To understand the reason why Latter Art becomes so popular, its important to review its history. 

Coffee was once a black liquid with the crema (depending on where you came from) and enjoyed with a simple dash of milk with no technique of foaming required (which then relates into latte art). It's only a few decades ago that in Italy, coffee itself turned into a visual art. 

However the popularity of making latte art was introduced by the US in the late 1980s and early 1990s. And you guessed it! This was roughly when Starbucks came about in Seattle too.

Today as we progress with technology and social media, information of coffee including its awareness are gaining momentum and Art becomes one of the many ways to gain interest from the general public. 

The rise of social media from Instagram, Facebook to the recent boom of TikTok, latte art is becoming a worldwide phenomenon with Asian Baristas leading in with most views of latter art tutorials and how-to's. 

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