Eastern Coffee Company - the introduction



Eastern Coffee Company has always aimed to provide a sustainable, affordable and delicious coffee consisting of only 100% Arabica Coffee. We produce high quality coffee beans all year round to demonstrate value of resilient, sustainable and quality coffee beans in each of our coffee blend range.


From our Master Roaster to you
There are three coffee blends - a blend between these countries which I thought gives a rounder body of coffee with coffee flavours ranging from bold to fruity with hints of aroma. Our latest Coffee Beans comes directly from Rwanda. When we had the first lot, we did numerous roasting profile (up to 17) before we are satisfied with what we have now. I proudly introduce to you our first Single Origin - Rwanda coffee. Next, we are working hard to creating another blend of two countries. Watch this space for more information.


How to enjoy Eastern Coffee Company 
Espresso Machine 
We usually have our coffee single shot with 18grams in and an output  of 30ml between 25 seconds to 30 seconds. 
Coffee Brewer 
When you purchase our coffee online, request to have the coffee beans grounded (we usually ground it coarse). Add about two tablespoon of grounded coffee into your coffee brewerer and let them brew. 
Estimation: one tablespoon is for one cup/serving. Add more coffee when you need more kick. 
Share with us your coffee recipes by #gcrcoffee and we will share them on our page!