Dalla Corte Zero Anniversary

Now you can take a closer look.

It's Zero Anniversary Dark, a limited edition of Dalla Corte's Zero commercial espresso machine in a brand-new version with a celebratory design and exclusive materials.

Dark colors that recall a cup of espresso, the first thing that strikes the eye is the new elegant brown copper finish for the groups and side panels that gives an even more aggressive and refined look to this Zero. To best match accessories to this dashing espresso machine, the portafilters and levers are in dark walnut wood.

The machine’s back panel, also in dark walnut, bears one of the most significant celebratory details of the #makeit20 campaign: the original Dalla Corte logo celebratory details, the one from 2001, it’s Bruno Dalla Corte’s original signature, co-founder and father of current CEO Paolo Dalla Corte.

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