Colombia Making the Big Splash with World Barista Champion 2021

Diego Campos, a 31-year-old from Tolima, has won the title of world barista champion. It is something that for coffee fans and those who embrace the flag that Colombian coffee deserves to be prepared with excellence has a lot of meaning.

Diego Campos is no stranger to holding this prestigious crown however. He has been a national barista champion three times, the most recent was in 2019, when he won the right to participate in the competitions of the World Coffee Championships 2020, which were to be held in Australia.

All throughout his life, he has learn and became first a roaster and there he discovered that knowledge about coffee was a passion. For the coffee, to be able to take it and tell it to the world, he learned English. It was clear from the beginning that he wanted to be world champion. He trained to achieve it and participated three times (this was the third).

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