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Puqpress Mini
Puqpress Mini
Puqpress Mini
Puqpress Mini
Puqpress Mini

Puqpress Mini


RM2,900.00 MYR
RM2,900.00 MYR
RM2,900.00 MYR

The MINI Perfect Puqpress Coffee @ Home.

Any professional barista will tell you that to enjoy the best coffee at home, you need a proper machine, a good grinder, and lots and lots of hours of practise! 

Puqpress Mini is here to help you for at least tamp the perfect coffee all the time! 

Now available in Global Coffee Resources! 

This is a pre-order basis. Please allow 8 weeks for delivery of goods *depending on the availability of coffee equipment 

  • Features
  • Specification
  • Downloads
  • 10 - 30kg pressure range
  • Auto adjusts pressure to your dose
  • Pressure makes perfect
  • Works with naked portafilters
  • Tamps perfectly flat and level
  • Premium colours and finishing
  • Net weigth: 3.4 KG
  • Dimensions(DxWxH): 18.1D ×13.6W×27.2H cm
  • Input: 110-240Vac 50-60Hz
  • Power: 76 W
  • Plug type: All
  • Cycle duration: 1.3s
  • Tamper diameter: 53.0 – 58.3mm
  • Suitable for: Works with most types of portafilters (there are a few exceptions). Naked, Single sprout and double sprouts
  • Naked portafilter compatibility: Yes
  • Non-stick coating: Yes
  • Fine adjustment lower damp: No
  • Force adjustment: Steps of 1kg in the range from 10 – 30kg
  • Available colours: Black & White

Puqpress Mini