Rose Iced Tea

DVG Black Tea Concentrate enable you to easily and consistently create delicious flavored iced tea.


x1 Rose Syrup

x1 Black Tea Concentrade

x1 Syrup Pump

x1 Fruit Mix Pump

x1 FREE Woven Jute Bag

Iced Shaken Rose Latte

Classic fragrant rose elevated with cream sweet French vanilla in a café latte.


x1 Rose Syrup

x1 French Vanilla Syrup

x2 Syrup pump

x1 FREE Woven Jute Bag

Pandan Dolce Frappe

A delicious combination of aromatic pandan with sweet italian dolce in a creamy ice blended drink.


x1 Pandan Sauce

x1 Italian Dolce

x1 Syrup pump

x1 Fruit Mix pump

x1 Frappease Powder

x1 FREE Woven Jute Bag