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Linea Mini Espresso Machine
Linea Mini Espresso Machine
Linea Mini Espresso Machine
Home Coffee Bar featuring La Marzocco
Home Coffee Bar featuring La Marzocco

Linea Mini Espresso Machine


RM22,000.00 MYR
RM22,000.00 MYR
RM22,000.00 MYR

La Marzocco has taken the Linea Classic commercial espresso machine and redesigned it for the home market.

This is a high performance machine by any standards. The PID controlled dual boilers and integrated brew group system with pre-infusion will bring superb consistency to your espresso routine. The large steam boiler produces powerful steam and provides quick recovery.

From the paddle-activated group head to the magnetically aligned drip tray, every detail has been thought through for simplicity and practicality.


All La Marzocco Linea Mini are now equipped with upgraded Pro Touch steam wand and compatible with Hope App iOT.

Please allow 8 weeks for delivery (depending on availability of stocks)

  • Features
  • Specification
  • Brew Paddle
  • Integrated Brew Group
  • Simple Indicator Lights
  • Barista Lights
  • Pre-Infusion
  • Large Reservoir
  • Boiler Design: Double Boiler
  • Boiler Capacity: Brew boiler: 0.17L, Steam boiler: 3L
  • Group Head: Integrated Group Head
  • Pump Type: Rotary Pump
  • PID Temperature Controller: Yes
  • Reservoir Size: 2L
  • Water source: Convertible - Internal Reservoir or Plumbed In
  • Power wattage: 1820 watt
  • Dimension (WxDxH): 35cm x 53cm x 38cm
  • Weight: 32kg

Linea Mini Espresso Machine