Five things you need to WFH easier and more managable

Has working from home made it impossible to stay focus? And you are wondering what are the best ways in which you can stay on top of your game? Your favourite barista couldn't possibly deliver your coffee to you now that you are 20kms away from your office! Well, we put a list of things that is now becoming essential for you to work from home:


1. Coffee Machine

Work from home appartmento coffee machine at Global coffee Resources

Wait!! Before you puff away, hear me up! There's plenty of range of coffee machines that one can use. Of course, there's the higher end, much professional range such as Dalla Corter - Studio, or the Rocket Appartamento Coffee Machine, and even the Rancilio Silvia. But you do have options! If you're more of a classic person who just wants black coffee, we do recommend BrewOne- Lookyami. You simple add your ground coffee and water, press the button and move along to set your working station. Easy right!? 


2. Coffee Beans 

 We have a whole lot of coffee beans range for you to choose from! You can order coffee beans that are whole bean, or grounded coffee! We even have an easier ground coffee that are individually packed so you can literally brew one cup at a time and store the others to maintain freshness! Our Best selling? It's a toss up between Degayo Coffee and Eastern Coffee Company. But do try them out! and check on the offers that we have on the table 


3. Syrups. Make it Cafe Style! You need to satisfy your cravings after all


We have more recipes like this if you're wondering. But basically making these drinks doesnt need to be so complicated. We are offering single serve tubs that you can use to make your drinks now! 


4. Tea - Premium and Healthy

Of course! you need to have selections of tea! Roleaf Tea infact has an award winning green tea that you might find interesting! Their green tea is from YUME and has won best award tea amongst all teas in Japan! #truestory Plus, Roleaf tea's are super healthy, and really good to boosting your health! Click here to choose more tea!


5. Milk - Or alternative Milk

We have been advocating Alternative Milk recently and since then our Oat Milk has been sold out! But!!! we do have another milk that is currently on sale. introducing our Almond Milk. But we do have other milk options as well! and we deliver to your doorstep! 


So here's the 5 things must haves to endure your work from home weekdays! Enjoy some of the perks that we are also currently offering such as promotions and discounts! Don't miss out on these offers!