The Coffee Drinkers Pack 500g - Degayo Coffee

The Coffee Drinkers Pack 500g - Degayo Coffee

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We know, one bag is not going to cut it for you, so what we have here is a series of 500gram coffee bags that you can drink daily and enjoy to start your Raya Festivities! This is THE perfect gift for avid coffee drinkers and you already know what you need in your routine.

In this pack, you can choose any of these blends in 500gram!


The Founder

A finely crafted blend of varieties high altitude Arabica Estate beans roasted individually in small batches from our owned coffee farms to create a rich and medium body coffee.

Tasting note:     Citrus, grapefruit, and cocoa

Roast level:        Medium


The Successor

Successor’s blend is produced with high level of respect to its founder’s characteristics, with the main difference of greater level of complexity in taste profile and medium to full body finish coffee.

Tasting note:     Plum, raisin, cocoa and caramel

Roast level:        Medium Dark


The Predecessor

Predecessor’s blend displays the characteristic of the classic Italian espresso – round, substantial and smooth texture with great length, full body structure and well balance aftertaste coffee.

Tasting note:      Hazelnut, caramel, dark chocolate and tabacco

Roast level:        Dark