The Coffee Drinkers Pack 500g – Eastern Coffee Company

The Coffee Drinkers Pack 500g – Eastern Coffee Company

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If a blend of origins is what you are looking at, we have your back. For coffee drinkers pack, here we have a series of coffee blends that we KNOW you will enjoy. It’s the perfect blends for pick me ups during your weekdays, weekends and a nice get together with friends!

In this pack, you can choose any of these blends in 500gram!

The Black Blend

Origin: Indonesia, Colombia, and Brazil.
Tasting Profile: Intense with a delicate aroma, chocolate, vanilla and roasted cereal in the palate with a long aftertaste.
Roasting Profile: Dark


The White Blend
Origin: Indonesia, Colombia
Tasting Profile: Vibrantly sweet with blackberry character, balance aftertaste with nutty flavor with a medium-dark roasting profile
Roasting Profile: Medium 
The Red Blend
Origin: Rwanda, Indonesia
Tasting Notes: Blackberry, Black Tea, Dark Cocoa
Roasting Profile: Medium Dark
The Brown Blend
Origin: Rwanda, Brazil
Tasting Notes: Baked Apple Aroma, Caramel, Biscotti, Dark Chocolate, round acidity with tea like finishing
Roasting Profile: Medium Dark