Established in 2012, Global Coffee Resources (GCR) aimed to cater to the need in the market of both premium and specialty coffee industry. GCR is currently one of the leading player in the provision of coffee systems to the Malaysia’s hospitality and food service industries.

We also specialise in farming, sourcing, processing, roasting and serving high quality Arabica coffee. We supply our green coffee beans and roasted coffee to those with a passion for premium quality coffee. Our commitment to providing the best quality beans at the most reasonable prices is made possible by being direct owners of a family coffee farm and working closely with a community of neighbouring coffee farmers.

GCR has a range of high capacity commercial automatic coffee machines, espresso coffee machines and grinders to suit a range of applications from the specialty café through to the corporate office environment to Quick Service Restaurants and Caterers.

At Global Coffee Resources, we are fully committed to after sales servicing, in unison with our commitment for only distributing the highest quality range of equipment. Our support and service department consists of factory trained service engineers for our full range of equipment, easily accessible to discuss any of your queries, 24 hours a day, 365 days




Global Coffee Resources aims to be the leading provider of anything that is requred for a successful hospitality sector in food and beverage. From premium roasted coffee beans to notable coffee machines, we provide professional services that aims to support our clients.


i. Our coffee farms are practised in a sustainable environment that will gurantee premium quality coffee beans by maintaining a direct trade with our farmers, sharing knowledge of nurturing our coffee plants organically and to equip our farmers with proper tools for a healthy practise at the farm.

ii. We strive to always meet our clients expectation by providing the best support and service from customable coffee blends, delivering of gods and to share coffee knowledge.

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